Brockmans Gin, 70cl


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  • The Properly Improper Gin – Brockmans Gin is unlike any gin you’ve tasted before or are likely to taste ever again, but does that make us improper? Hardly; Who made the rules? Who declared unequivocally that this is proper and that isn’t? Imagine the arrogance
  • Dark Berries and Noble Traditions – Pour it slowly, enticingly pure, over ice. Raise your glass, allow it to touch your lips, and there it is, traditional juniper countered by decidedly untraditional tones of blueberries, blackberries, citrus and coriander and just like that you are off on a journey past the usual and into the unexpected
  • The Properly Improper Perfect GandT – Mischievously poured over a generous portion of ice and topped with premium tonic water, preferably unflavoured, Followed with a twist of pink grapefruit in the vicinity of the glass and finished with two exquisite blueberries, The Brockmans Gin and Tonic
  • The Properly Improper Martini – The Properly Improper Gin is the foundation of a traditionally untraditional Martini; A suggestion of a hint of innuendo of a vague thought of a whisper of a drop of vermouth; The whole is stirred, never shaken and strained into your glass; 2 Blueberries skewered and deposited gracefully at the bottom to remind us of our own mortality

  • Brand Brockmans
    Flavour Traditional juniper with notes of dark berries
    Alcohol Content 40 Percent by Volume
    Alcohol type Gin
    Format Alcoholic Beverage



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