Gin the Mood: 50 gin cocktail recipes


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With 50 gin-based cocktail recipes – from classics to contemporary twists – this is a must-have for anyone Gin the Mood for a good time. 

Ah gin, how we love you. Lifter of spirits, enhancer of vibes, reliever of stress and instigator of stimulating conversations; where would we be without your reassuringly delicious qualities? And the best thing about gin? There’s never not a good time to enjoy a gin cocktail, whether it’s a restorative Corpse Reviver to shake off the hangover, a perfectly mixed G&T to sip at a leisurely lunch, a pre-prandial Negroni to whet the appetite, or a bone-dry Martini to enjoy as a night-cap. Gin the Mood showcases some of the most superlative examples―it’s a celebration of the gin cocktail in its myriad forms. From the aforementioned classics to cutting-edge concoctions like the elderflower-infused Space Gin Smash, the 50 examples proffered here are must-tries for any self-respecting ginthusiast. Are you sitting comfortably? Then let us drink gin.


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