Pearsons G&T Botanicals Alcohol-Free London Dry – 700 ml


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  • NON-ALCOHOLIC DRINK – The perfect alternative to a London Dry Gin, just without the alcohol.
  • BOTANICAL BLEND – With creamy citrus high notes that complement the classic London Dry flavours with a juniper finish.
  • HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE – A low-calorie grown-up soft drink, sugar and gluten free and vegan. Just 10 kcals per 25ml serving.
  • SERVE – Delicious and refreshing served with a slice of lemon or grapefruit peel and a premium tonic over ice.
  • PEARSONS – Made in Scotland using filtered mineral water from the Pannanich Wells which has a low mineral and pH content. All the gin flavour, but without the alcohol.


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