Tanqueray Rangpur Gin 70 cl


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  • Tanqueray Rangpur Distilled Gin is a zesty gin, distilled four times to ensure quality; Rangpur limes are added to create flavours of juicy lime and mandarin oranges, with a hint of ginger
  • Classic London Dry botanicals of juniper, coriander, angelica and liquorice are ideally balanced with Rangpur limes, ginger and bay leaves to create a zesty and refreshing gin with a citrus twist
  • Tanqueray Rangpur is better enjoyed in a copa glass with premium tonic water, plenty of ice and a generous wedge of lime
  • The aroma of fresh limes and mandarin oranges, with tasting notes of oranges, Rangpur limes and spicy herbs for a taste experience which is exotic and fresh-tasting
  • Tanqueray Rangpur Distilled Gin is the ideal gift for the adventurous gin lover
  • This gin was first created in 2006 by adding Rangpur lime, an exotic citrus fruit from India that has the zestiness of lime and the juiciness of mandarin oranges, to Tanqueray London Dry Gin; the latter is still made today from the same classic timeless recipe created by Charles Tanqueray in 1830

  • Brand Tanqueray
    Flavour Citrus
    Alcohol Content 41.3 Percent by Volume
    Alcohol type Gin



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