The Cotswolds Distillery – Old Tom Gin – 42% ABV – 50 cl


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  • HOW WE MAKE IT – Botanicals and neutral grain spirit made from wheat are distilled, collecting only the purest part of the run (hearts), before adding filtered water and a touch of sugar syrup
  • THE COTSWOLDS TASTE – Sweet, woody notes from liquorice root, balanced with light spice from the ginger, zesty orange citrus and rounded off with a hint of cardamom.
  • BEST WAYS TO SERVE – We enjoy our Old Tom neat, garnished with fresh orange peel, or why not try a Tom Collins cocktail by adding lemon juice, soda and sugar syrup.
  • FINEST INGREDIENTS – We add juniper, coriander and angelica to our flavourless base spirit, together with fresh orange peel, liquorice root, ground ginger, caraway and cardamom.
  • First curated in the 18th century, Old Toms were popular as a sweeter alternative to the gins of the day. Various stories exist, with Tom Cats and Old Toms having been intertwined throughout history.

  • Brand The Cotswolds Distillery
    Flavour Spice
    Alcohol Content 42 Percent by Volume
    Alcohol type Gin



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