The London No.1 Gin, 70 cl


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  • The London No.1 presents itself in a luminous, pale yet bright bluish aquamarine colour. The nose reveals delightful scents of juniper berries and balsamic aromas. The alcohol is well integrated, elegant and clean.
  • A delicate palate with some viscosity and a fine, dry mouth feel. Mild but very aromatic with quality balsamic notes. Very balanced overall with a long, sensual finish
  • London No 1 gin is the ideal gin to mix with a quality tonic, however London no 1 also works well in Classic Gin Cocktails such as a Gin Martini or Aviation. The smoothness of London No 1 means it can be drunk neat with ice.
  • 47 % abv
  • Quadruple Distilled

  • Brand Gonzalez Byass
    Alcohol Content 47 Percent by Volume
    Alcohol type Gin
    Item weight 1.5 Kilograms
    Package weight 1.66 Kilograms



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