Wrecking Coast Scurvy Gin – Navy Strength Cornish Gin


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  • Our Navy Strength gin is a robust, juniper led gin with bold citrus notes, hints of liquorice and peppery heat from the scurvy grass
  • This Cornish craft gin uses nine botanicals including fresh lemon and lime peel and locally foraged fresh scurvy grass
  • Scurvy Gin is great in a gin and tonic and exceptional in a Negroni cocktail. Or why not fix yourself the noblest of gin cocktails, the Gimlet
  • Navy Strength gin traces its roots to the 57% ABV proof required to ensure gun powder would stay lit so cannons would still ignite and fire
  • Scurvy grass, an excellent source of vitamin C was given to sailors to help prevent scurvy at sea. Scurvy grass, gin and the Royal Navy are inseparable in history
  • Our 57% ABV Navy Strength Cornish craft gin 70cl is created and bottled in our own distillery in North Cornwall
  • Throughout our distillation process we use locally sourced ingredients, forage for native fresh Scurvy Grass and use Cornish Natural Spring Water
  • Brand The Wrecking Coast
    Flavour Navy Strength Scurvy Gin
    Alcohol Content 57 Percent by Volume
    Alcohol type Navy Gin Strong
    Format Navy Strength Gin


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